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2017 Year in Review

We know that our success depends on the success of our broker and consultant community, so we are always working to find new ways to empower them and make their jobs a little easier. Here’s what we did in 2017 to help brokers and consultants:

The New CoreSource Website

Our new, robust digital home is built from the ground up to engage directly with employers, brokers, and members.


This new CoreSource messaging tool enables direct, mobile communication to members with messages of guidance, alerts, and support for greater engagement in cost saving opportunities.

Digital Engagement

To help brokers increase engagement with members and facilitate cost controls, we created nine new toolkits, 17 videos, and three webinars.

Digital Savings Solution

Brokers can now help employers and members to save money with our new ROI-guaranteed Digital Savings Solution, which empowers consumers to seek out cost-effective care.

Reference-Based Pricing [RBP]

For clients looking to explore network alternatives for their plans, we built out reference-based solutions as part of our cost containment options.

HRA/FSA Capabilities

Mobile claim upload and enhanced user experiences for members and employers are just two of the new functionalities and capabilities we rolled out for our HRA/FSA clients this year.


This one-of-a-kind program supports members’ out-of-pocket responsibilities through advance funding of deductibles and coinsurance while offering members the protection of installment plans at no cost for repayment.

PPO Expansion

We built new relationships with Anthem in New York, Georgia and Ohio to expand our PPO network options for CoreSource clients.

What’s Next?

We have big plans for this year. Be on the lookout soon for further expansion of our reference based pricing programs to give more PPO network alternative options. In the spring we will be partnering with a leading behavior health company and expanding our options to help plans save on the costs associated with mental illness, stress, and substance abuse. This summer, we plan to implement a program for diabetes clinical support, and a new pharmacy engagement and messaging tool. As we continue our journey together, let us know what we can do to help you, and subscribe to our blog to get all the latest news from CoreSource and find out what we’re doing to help you make 2018 another record-setting year.