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2018 Year in Review

We covered a lot of ground on the CoreSource blog in 2018. This year we looked at a wide range of topics, heard from new authors and points of view, and shared a veritable cornucopia of digital engagement tools.
In our mission to continue the conversation on health benefits, we brought you 24 posts in 2018, covering a wide range of trending industry news, best practices, and products.
Our top-performing stories this year focused on topics from across the world of benefits, including:

Reference-based pricing, a possible antidote to rising healthcare prices

Reference-based pricing helps brokers pass on the best possible deal to employers so that they can pass on the savings to their members. The model also helps to lower costs for employers with self-funded plans, and may lead to lower out-of-pocket costs for members covered by High Deductible Health Plans.


Starting a conversation with members about healthcare accountability

“But accountability is a two-way street. Employees are also rightfully asking for more accountability from their employer and to be more directly engaged in managing their healthcare. By fostering the dialog between employers and employees, brokers will play a critical part in empowering healthcare consumers.”

Engaging members with our healthcare tools

Tools won’t do your employees much good if they don’t open the toolbox and start using them. Getting employees to engage with their healthcare tools is key, and we have three strategies to help empower them.


We also talked about ways clients can better protect themselves against losses from absenteeism and presenteeism, how captive insurance works, the value of products such as PayActiv, and we explored ways we can better serve client needs by helping members.
And, of course, we shared enough videos to fill a benefits-only film festival. We provided member information resources on network coverage, reference-based pricing, health savings accounts, and EOBs, in addition to client engagement tools on self-funding, healthcare management, and more.

Thank you so much for stopping by the CoreSource blog, and sharing your time with us this past year. We hope this has been a valuable resource for you, and look forward to bringing you more news, analysis, and other tools in 2019. Let us know what you’d like to see on the blog in the future. Drop us a line via our website, or on LinkedIn, Twitter, or Facebook with any requests, tips, or if you’re interested in writing your own post for the blog.

Posted on December 28, 2018

4 Ways to Keep Members in Mind

As a broker, it is imperative for you to form a positive connection with your clients, to bring value to them through that relationship as counselors and partners in their success. But keeping members and their needs in mind is also an important part of that relationship.

Posted on June 05, 2018

2017 Year in Review

A summary of CoreSource's biggest achievements in 2017 and how they helped the brokers and consultants who sell CoreSource products and services.

Posted on February 07, 2018 in Products & Solutions