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3 Tips to get Employees Engaged with Healthcare Tools

Navigating healthcare can be a complicated, frustrating experience for members, but there are tools that can help make the process easier. A few employee benefits administrators use a “digital toolbox” to house an employer’s offerings, a single URL that serves as a central location for educational, support, and communications-related resources for members. This toolbox is loaded with brochures and flyers, videos, healthcare consumer support tools and electronic communications all in one convenient spot. Tools won’t do your employees much good if they don’t open the toolbox and start using them. Getting employees to engage with their healthcare tools is key, and we have three strategies to help empower them.

PayActiv instead of Payday Lending

PayActiv offers a new way to help alleviate financial stress for employees who would otherwise turn to payday lending. With PayActiv, employees get access to their earned wages early. It's not a loan, so there's nothing to repay, and it doesn't cost employers anything.

Posted on February 21, 2018 in Financial Wellbeing Products & Solutions

2017 Year in Review

A summary of CoreSource's biggest achievements in 2017 and how they helped the brokers and consultants who sell CoreSource products and services.

Posted on February 07, 2018 in Products & Solutions