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Video: Understanding Your EOB

Navigating healthcare and other benefits can be confusing for members, which is why we create digital educational tools, like videos, to help explain the terminology and products associated with benefits. Our member education video “Knowing Your EOB” is one more tool CoreSource has made to make it easier for brokers and employers to get valuable, useful information to members.

Posted on May 25, 2018

Video: Knowing Your Network

For members who have health benefits based on a provider network, knowing which doctors, hospitals, and clinics are in-network can help members keep their out-of-pocket costs down. It’s important for members to know where to go, particularly in emergency situations, before the need arrives. To help reinforce that message, we’ve created a short video explaining to members why it’s important to learn about their network, and their health benefits, in advance. Watch it, download it, share it with your clients.

Posted on May 17, 2018

Spotlight: Healthcare Management

At CoreSource, we are proud of the work our Healthcare Management team does to help our members navigate the often confusing healthcare industry. We recently spoke with Dr. Meera Atkins, VP of Healthcare Management, and Deborah Fogal, Director of Healthcare Management, about what the team means to them.

Infographic: Self-Funding 101

Why should a company opt for self-funding when it comes to their health benefits? The bottom line is pretty simple: it can save them serious money versus a fully insured health plan. To help illustrate the point, we’ve put together a handy infographic explaining how it all works, and why it’s a win for employers.

Posted on May 02, 2018