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VP of Product Development & Marketing Steve Horvath published in Benefits Pro, Employee Benefit News

March 15, 2018
Steve Horvath shared his expertise with the readers of Benefits Pro and Employee Benefit News this month, explaining the threat to businesses posed by absenteeism and presenteeism as well as how employee benefits can help insulate employers against the financial impact of these two problems.
In two separate articles, Horvath, Vice President of Product Development & Marketing, outlined the underlying causes of both problems as well as the monetary implications of lost productivity due to their impact on employees.
In his piece for Benefits Pro, Horvath explains what presenteeism is and shares three specific ways employers can fight its effects. The strategies Horvath shares are all targeted at promoting “whole health” for employees, recognizing that physical, financial, and emotional health are the key pillars to maintaining a healthy, effective workforce.
Writing for Employee Benefits News, Horvath adds absenteeism to the previous discussion on presenteeism. In the article, Horvath calls out depression as one of the biggest causes of absenteeism, and points out that chronic depression is one of the most easily treatable illnesses facing employees. As in his Benefits Pro story, Horvath shows how benefits can be used by employers to bolster the health of their people.
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