Digital Savings Solution

Many people don’t know they have options for healthcare. They may think that the ER is the only place they can get care for their sinus infection at 3AM. Or they don’t know they can shop around for a cost-effective MRI provider just like they’d shop around for the best price on a new car. Our Digital Savings Solution (DSS) is designed to change that.

The Digital Savings Solution is an innovative marriage of consumer-centered telemedicine, cost and quality transparency tools, and regular, targeted member outreach designed to save employers and members money. DSS not only gives members the tools they need to get the cost-saving care they need, it also makes sure they know how to use those tools and encourages utilization throughout the year.

We believe that the DSS is such a game-changer that we backed it with an ROI guarantee. If employers don’t save more than they pay, we’ll credit the difference.*

*Certain qualifications apply to ROI guarantee