Financial Wellbeing with MoneySteps

Managing money can be a challenge for employees across income levels and life stages. Employees stressed about money tend to be more distracted and less productive. For some, this stress even impacts their physical health.
MoneySteps, provided by PFT Employee Benefit Solutions, Inc., is a personalized solution to this pressing, unmet need to help employees better manage their hard-earned money. The formula is simple but powerful: Greater Knowledge + Better Habits = Financial Wellbeing.
This solution can elevate an employer’s brand, deliver results, and demonstrate to employees that their employer is committed to and cares about their wellbeing.
MoneySteps features a personal financial wellbeing coach, budgeting help, educational content, money hacks, and financial planning tools and calculators. Coaches communicate with employees by their preferred channel (phone, e-mail, text) and will never sell a service or product. This program complies with HIPAA privacy standards and all account information is protected.
MoneySteps is available to employees through their employer’s benefit package at no cost. The program can be easily integrated with your existing benefits and wellness programs and is built on a digital financial wellbeing portal that will provide insights that can be applied to improve performance of other aspects of the benefit plan.