YourCARE Health and Wellness Program

We’ve combined population health management, focused disease management, and chronic condition monitoring into one comprehensive health and wellness program.
YourCARE includes preventive reminders, outreach to high-risk members who have not yet incurred a serious illness, incentive tracking, and health advice and guidance to help members get and stay healthy, avoid gaps in care, and manage their healthcare costs.
After members take a health risk assessment, YourCARE’s health and nurse coaches can reach out to members with risk factors who might need some help and support to get back on track with their health.* Add in the interactive and effective online member self-service tools, discount program for gym memberships and nutrition and fitness services, rewards program, and online and active coaching smoking cessation program and you’ve got a program that puts members’ health at the forefront.
Employers can add optional on-site biometric health screenings to YourCARE to bring even more health help and support to members. YourCARE’s biometric screenings include a member-centric educational video, individually printed results scorecards, and a brief individual face-to-face results review. We can also upload member results to our member portal for easy member access should they choose to share the results with their primary care physician.
*Extent of health coach outreach to members is determined by the YourCARE program level purchased by employers.