Consumer Engagement & Care Navigation

Consumer Engagement

The healthcare system is a source of worry and confusion for many people. Affording healthcare in the event of serious illness or accident is at the top of Americans’ biggest financial worries, and many consumers are uncomfortable with their skills and knowledge about benefits and healthcare. That’s why personal service and support is a key pillar of how we do business.

When members are better connected and informed about their benefits, they are better equipped to manage their health and healthcare costs. Our dedication to person-centered customer service, 24/7 member assistance and advocacy, and targeted digital engagement can help members get the information they need to be healthier and make smart, cost-effective healthcare choices. 

Care Navigation

People often let their health take a backseat to work, family, and other responsibilities. But the cost of members ignoring or not managing their health is too high… for them and their loved ones, their wallet, and their employer's bottom line.

We understand the costs and the reasons people don’t always make time for their healthcare. So we offer clinical guidance solutions like utilization management, individual case management, MyNurse24/7, and telemedicine to help members access the right care at the right time in a cost-effective setting. We also offer clinical guidance solutions focused on specific conditions, such as maternity and neonatal health, cancer management, and dialysis and chronic kidney disease support.

Our population health management program, YourCARE, combines health and wellness, focused disease management, and chronic condition monitoring to help avoid costly gaps in care. Pair that with our cost and quality transparency solution, and members can not only receive the care they need when they need it, but also at a fair price.