Financial Wellbeing

We all know we have to take care of our physical wellness, but what about financial wellbeing? When members feel overwhelmed and unsure of how to manage their medical expenses, we can help.


Together with Simplicity Payment Association, CoreSource has helped envision Simplicity®— an innovative and unique financial solution that makes managing healthcare expenses easier for employees. But it’s also a win for employers and providers too.

Simplicity is a complete payment program for members. Providers receive plan benefit payments along with the members' out-of-pocket responsibility in one complete payment without the hassle and expense of billing. This program offers members financial protection, empowerment, and advocacy. And best of all, CoreSource offers this program to employers at no additional cost.

Online Payment Manager

CoreSource’s online payment manager makes managing healthcare expenses as easy as online shopping. When members log in to myCoreSource, they can view and pay their portion of their medical expenses online. They simply pick which bills to pay, add them to the cart, and then choose a payment method at checkout. With CoreSource’s online payment manager, members get control and convenience, day or night.


You and your employees work hard to earn a living. But sometimes, life happens and money is tight. When this happens, it can lead to stress that affects work attendance and productivity. PayActiv contributes to your financial wellbeing by offering a solution that helps reduce this stress and increases member financial self-reliance.

Financial Wellbeing with MoneySteps

Managing money can be a challenge for employees across income levels and life stages. MoneySteps, provided by PFT Employee Benefit Solutions,Inc., can help employees better manage their hard-earned money. MoneySteps coaches are there to listen, earn your trust, help you set realistic financial priorities and encourage and guide you to achieve your financial goals. The formula is simple but powerful: Greater Knowledge + Better Habits = Financial Wellbeing.